The Metro Fire Arson Investigators Association is a group of professional fire and police investigators, who deal with the investigation of fires on a municipal, state and federal level.

The membership includes members of Police and Fire Departments, troopers from the State Fire Marshal’s Office, Agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, District Attorneys and other groups who deal in criminal investigation and the prosecution of arson cases.

Our first meeting was held on January 6, 1988, with 25 individuals present from 18 communities.  Since then, we have grown to over 100 Members. The common denominator of the group is that all are law enforcement personnel.  This allows for the sharing of information and discussion of sensitive issues at monthly or special meetings.

There is no specific boundary to the association geographically, but most members are located in Eastern Massachusetts.

Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month at various locations in the greater Boston area.  Each meeting features a speaker or presentation of interest to Arson Investigators.  The information that can be covered is often unobtainable through other associations or seminars because of the sensitivbe nature of our work.

If you are a member of a fire or police department in your community, in the metro Boston area, and you are specifically designated as an Arson Investigator, we would encourage your application.  We believe that the knowledge you will be receiving, as well as the resources that you will find available to you, are well worth the dues and your time.  If you would like an application or have any questions, please contact us at: Metro Fire/Arson Investigators Association, P.O. Box 520336, Winthrop, MA 02152-0006 or email us at: and a representative will contact you.

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